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Powered by NextJS, MDX, vanilla-extract and cadells-vanilla-components.

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As Cadell, I want a NextJS template with all my favourite things in it so I can build apps faster in the future.


I had an idea for a new app called Random Recipes and worked out I could do the first version on the frontend, easy! I've built a few NextJS apps now and I'm getting pretty good at it, I even created some reusable components, cadells-vanilla-components, as part of my last project, random-emojis.

All I have to do is rip out the frontend from random-emojis, strip it back and I'm ready to start developing random-recipes. But what about the next project? It would be great to have a template all ready to go with all my favourite things in it.


A basic NextJS app setup with MDX, vanilla-extract, cadells-vanilla-components and an emoji favicon.

It should also have some basic headings in the index.mdx to explain my new projects.

I think I'll deploy it to Netlify too.



Netlify has a NextJS plugin now so you should keep the default build command and publish directory:

This project took about 1 hour.